11 January 2012

Westin has a new Best Friend

Westin's cousin moved just a few doors down back in August. Westin is in love with the constant play mate. They currently fight over everything even if they wouldn't normally be interested in it. They do play with each other sometimes though.

They help each other wake up from naps.

Play at the park.

Take baths together and help with the pesky ear itches.

They are even super heros together. Stacy made this really cute cape for Westin that had a W and a basketball on it. He runs around yelling "SUPER WESTIN"

Logan wanted in on the fun and put a blanket in his shirt.

Sometimes Greyson gets in on the fun.

We play in the front yard running back and forth.

Westin loves hanging out with Logan and always asks for him and I'm pretty sure the same goes for Logan.


Hatch Family of Five said...

I love it. Having cousins close rocks. Too bad we all didn't grow up closer. All of us girls could have ganged up on Scott, Matthew, Kevin and Michael.

Alicia said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I hadn't seen these pictures. They're so cute.