23 January 2012

Boston/New York Trip

On October 26 we all boarded a plane and took off for Boston.

(not my proudest picture taking moment)

We took the red eye which ended up being not so bad. Westin didn't want to sleep but was happy watching shows and I wanted to sleep but couldn't get comfy enough to do so. We landed in Boston around 5:45 (i think) and headed back home to eat a little bit then went back to bed. Westin did some world class sleeping on this trip and slept in to after 10 nearly everyday. (I think)

After we were rested enough, or when Westin woke up we headed out to Emily's school field trip to a local grocery store that has its own farm around it. I found it to be quite interesting.Westin was mostly interested in running around and Matt wanted to take pictures of every little thing on the trip. I loved the weather while there. I was afraid of being so cold but it was fun to be wearing jackets and not getting hot after a while and to wear our rain boots!

Westin is so good at eating apples whole. He would rather it like this then cut into slices.

...and the farm llama.

During MY nap, Grandma, Matt, Westin and Emily went to the Aquarium. I was told they loved it. They had an adventure trying to find it, the lost Emily briefly and they had even more of an adventure getting home. They made it, and loved it so a job well done.

That night, my cousin Micheal and his wife Stephanie who happen to be in Matt's sisters ward in Boston came over for dinner. It was fun to get to know them a little better since we have never lived close to each other.

The next morning we were off to New York! We got up bright and early, were very grateful to a friend that took us to the bus stop and loaded a bus to take the 4 hour drive SOUTH to New York City. This picture was taken by Matt.

First thing we did once we got off the bus around 10:30 was grab a slice or two of pizza. I think it was our goal to eat as much New York pizza as possible. This place was yummy and we got pizza there at the end of our trip before we got back on the bus.

After that we unloaded our stuff at the hotel which was just outside of time square and headed out to our first adventure. On the way we realized our map and timeline were left in the hotel (major bummer).
We bought a 3 day pass that got us into most of the site seeing places.
In this shot we were on a boat up and down the Hudson River. It was a fun tour that described different places and buildings in the city.
Behind us here you can see the new Freedom Tower next to ground zero. It is going to be quite the building. I can't be held responsible for the way I look, especially my hair.

All of these pictures are of us on the boat. Pretty boring stuff.

I think this picture is to document the line we totally cut. We didn't really cut we just ended up in the line that went faster then the other.

In between boat rides (you could jump on and off through out the day) We headed to the 9/11 memorial. We didn't end up going to see it because of unkown circumstances and we were all really bummed about it. Anyway, we headed looking for some food and ended up walking by the Occupy Wall Street, which I found to be very scary. (Scary stinky people)

Next up, the Ellis Island Ferry. We opted to not ride it but instead took a break to check some stuff out.

More breaks and waiting for the boat tour to take us to see the Statue of Liberty.

Again, no one can be held responsible for their looks.

Dinner was at the Shake Shack. Best. Burgers. Ever. Seriously, I would have eaten there for every meal. We ended up there for 2 meals in our 3 days and 2 nights of being there.

That night we went to the top of the Empire State Building. It took forever to get through line. I mean forever. When we got up there we found out our camera was broken. It was the only camera we had besides our phones so from now on we are taking pictures with our phones. I really liked the Empire State Building, it was a clear night so we could see all the city lite up. You could hardly tell it was so late because everything was so busy.

With our passes, we were also able to go on the sky ride. I will never do it again and encourage no one to ride it. We all thought it was going to be similar to Disneyland's Soaring over California. It was nothing like it. Very jerky, very old and extremely stupid. I'm glad I didn't pay extra for it

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