01 June 2009

Hawaii Day 2

Monday was spent on the North Shore and in L...

We had heard that the waves were going to be epic at pipeline so that was our first stop. There were some good surfers and even some body surfers out there. It was so hot just sitting on the sand so we didn't stay long but we are glad we went.

Our next stop was to Sharks cove. We just wanted to check it out and it was a pretty sight to see. Don't you love self portraits with a timer. It took a lot of running back and forth. The little pond looking thing behind us is where we snorkeled at later in the week.

Next stop was Waimea Bay. This was my favorite beach to sit at. We LOVED getting in the water but it was a little scary. There was a shore break which meant if you were standing right on the shore a HUGE wave would come over your head and take you out for sure. You had to really pay attention.

This is Matt jumping in the waves. I got in with him and we had a blast but I got knocked over once and got TONS of sand in my suit so I took a break. To tell you how scary it was, the lifeguards kept saying keep your kids on dry sand.

Here I am relaxing. We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach and enjoying the views. Matt would get bored so we didn't spend too much time doing that.

This world is so small. I got out of the water and this girl asks me how far along I was. We got to talking and found out she had recently moved to Utah from Huntington Beach. We later found out she lived in the apartment right next to ours. She knew all of our friends. Isn't that wild?
Next up on list was stopping at Matsumoto Shaved Ice. This stuff was delicious! I got ice cream in the bottom of mine which by the end was creamy. It was pretty inexpensive too, we only spent $4.50 on the both of us.

After the shaved ice we headed to the Dole Plantation. We enjoyed a train ride and the wonderful smell of pinneapple!

Just a sweet banana shot.

This was my unsuccessful try at getting a picture of the Laie Temple. This is the drive you take just before you reach the temple. It reminds me of the drive to the Mesa Temple.

The temple is closed for remodling so we weren't able to go in but we did manage to get some shots out some. There is always time for a quick photo shoot, right?

I have an Aunt who works at the visitors center, she wasn't there the night we went but we were told we could find her at the Polynessian Cultrural Center. So we headed over there and met up with her. It was a pretty good surprise to her since I don't know if we have ever met, or it had been quite a while. It was a good thing we went to see her though, she got us in for free to see the show!

We weren't able to get good pictures of the show because there is no flash photography. Check out that girls hair though!

That wraps up Monday. We took the scenic drive home, but couldn't really see much since it was dark. We were exhausted by the time we made it home.


Kelli said...

It sounds like a jam packed day of fun! You sure have been able to experience and do alot while in California!

Let me guess...aside from family you don't miss Arizona too much now do ya!? Hugs!

Megan and Mark said...

The cultural center was one of my FAVORITE things to do in Hawaii! My family has so much fun there!

Your trip looks like you guys had an amazing time! And you look absolutely beautiful Christi!

And I really do love photography, ever since I got my new camera especially!

Can't wait to see more Hawaii pictures!

Anonymous said...

The timer shots crack me up. You guys, especially Matt, are so funny.

diana said...

oh, so jealous.

you guys sure packed a lot of stuff into your trip. where do you get all your energy?

The Pritchard Party said...

I love this post because it reminds me of when we went to hawaii.... north shore, waimea bay, temple, dole plantaion, the PCC.... LOVE it all! And doesn't that show ROCK! I'm so happy for you two that you had such a good time!

Paul Jessie and Matix said...

i love your pregnant belly! you look so cute. that is the belly i want this time we have a baby...

i didn't know you guys had a blog... ours is paulandjessieberg.blogspot.com

also, how do you pronounce the name of your soon to be son? paul and i couldn't figure it out, but it's a nice name both ways we think it could be said. :)

anyway, hope all is well with you.

jessie and paul

Anonymous said...

Have you not come home from Hawaii or something? What happened with the rest of your trip?