18 June 2009

Hawaii Day 4

Wednesday was such a blast!
We got a new rental car. One we didn't have to wear sun screen when we drove somewhere. We headed strait to the kayaking rental place and loaded up our stuff. We jumped in the warm water and started out to the little island. Once there we realized it was a waste of time so we headed out to the bigger one!
On the way there I noticed something that looked like trash floating in the water. As we got closer we realized it was a TURTLE! It was so awesome! When we were right next to him he came up for a big breath and dove back in the water. It all happened too quickly, we didn't have a chance to get a picture.
Traveling out to the island was WAY harder then we thought. Especially since we were going against the wind. (We were hoping on the way back we could use the wind) Once out there it was fun to look back at the island and see it as a whole. Matt quickly made friends with an Australian guy (surprise surprise) and they decided to go snorkeling together. I stayed back and enjoyed the sun. It was a little bit scary to me with a lot of movement in the water...small waves.
Another view of the island. It's pretty isn't it?

Matt enjoying the water. I think he looks kind of goofy!

Please don't mind my uncovered white legs. The island behind us was the third island we could have gone to but we were too pooped.

On our way back the wind had died. It was so hard to go back, we were exhausted. Matt wanted to swim back and drag me in the boat. ISN'T HE CRAZY! Then he jumped in to go snorkeling and I tried to leave him but ended up taking the boat in a circle since there was so much weight in the front.
Matt nearly made me pee in the boat because he kept trying to make beats to us paddling and wanted us to add extra moves to try to make it more exciting! Seriously, that guy is HILARIOUS!

Self portrait of us in front of our boat.

After snorkeling we enjoyed Bob's pizza again! So delicious. Oh and by the way we kayaked out of Kailua beach. We then headed over to Lanikea beach and enjoyed some snorkeling and some relaxing on the beach. After a while what seemed to be a city team or maybe a school team came out and took these HUGE kayaks out to the ocean and were practicing. It was fun to watch and it looked like it would have been a fun sport to enjoy in high school.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Sandy Beach. My sister had previously told me numerous times to not go because it nearly killed her. We of course had to see what the fuss was about so we stopped to enjoy it. It was pretty wild and I got knocked over a few times. It had a strong shore break which made it hard to get out of the water. When we got home we read something that was telling tourists to STAY OUT! I guess we should have listened to my sister!


The Speirs said...

Your trip looks like it was so much fun. I am jealous! And you look so cute all pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise! First of all, Matt being goofy. Second, you nearly peeing your pants. Third, you regret not taking my advice.

Why is that in some pictures you look very pregnant and in others you hardly look pregnant at all?

Anonymous said...

PS Happy day late birthday to you and happy birthday to me!