30 June 2009

Hawaii Day 7

Saturday we enjoyed getting into Hanauma Bay. It was so fun! Well Matt really enjoyed it. I had a hard time with me goggles ones again, and it scares me to not be able to stand. I did enjoy the time I was out there and wished I wasn't too chicken to go out all the way.

Just hanging out on the beach!

This is what the Bay looks like, so gorgeous!

Where we set up camp... check out my fashionable hat. I know you've seen it before but I figured I better mention it since its so awesome!

Can't forget our new pose!

In the afternoon we headed to the swap meet. We got quite a few things, 5 pairs of shoes for my Mom. Mothers Day gifts, birthday gifts and thank you gifts. We also both got T-shirts. It was the best place to get everything.....for the most part.

So Matt really wanted to check out China Town to see all the cheap fruit. Once we got there I realized I wasn't gonna have fun. It smelled SO HORRIBLE!!

Matt enjoying some fruit!

Still stinks!

Seriously, just hanging there. We watched a guy cut one of the arms off with a saw!

One of my many new poses!

Matt enjoying the designs of buildings!

I dont' know if you noticed but I had to use many different methods of blocking my nose. I couldn't hold my breath any longer! We had to GO!

Later that night we enjoyed a walk on the beach trying to capture the sunset but there were too many people in our way. Instead we got this picture!

and this picture!

Then we had some delicious pizza at California Pizza Kitchen!


diana said...

i have a picture of me in the philippines doing the exact same "pose"

(i was pregnant too, and the smells were awful!)

Anonymous said...

Nice bag Matt!