30 June 2009

Memorial Weekend!

My brother and his wife had their baby! My babies cousin! It's gonna be so fun having a close cousin! We made a special trip out to Arizona to see him and he is perfect! Alicia may not agree since she is with him all day long and misses out on sleep. He is seriously so cute! It makes me so excited to see our little guy!

So teh trip from the beginning goes like this... Drive Friday afternoon with Matt's sister Allison and her husband Justin and Emily, their daughter. We spent WAY too long at the outlet mall. We finally made it to Matt's parents house and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. On Saturday I headed to my parents house to hang out with my parents and Matt met with his friend Ian to go hiking and enjoy the heat. I stayed in doors, in air conditioned doors!

Later that night we headed to Gilbert to see The Thompson's and The Bair's! We had a great time taking pictures of Logan and the family. I wish I could be with them all the time to snap some great shots of this chubby little guy!

After our photo shoot we were gonna head to our favorite pizza place, downtown, Biancos Pizzeria. You might remember it from our Last night in Phoenix. Matt and I headed down to put our name in. We were got there about 6 and the guy in the parking lot tells us its gonna be a 4 or 5 hour wait!! SERIOUSLY!! Thats wild! The place is good but we were not in any mood to wait that long and we had babies meeting us there so that was not gonna work out. We were bummed because we just had to go home when we could have been hanging out with my family!

Sunday we enjoyed my parents ward, and going to see Matt's sister Camille give a talk in her ward. We had a wonderful dinner at the Pobst home. Delicious. We always eat so well when we go to Arizona!

On Monday I spent the day with my Mom, sister, Grace, RaDean (Matt's mom) and Emily. We made some cards and just hung out and talked. Matt's family went on an all day hike, through water and waterfalls! They really had a blast and I was pretty jealous I couldn't go. We ended up staying until Tuesday morning.

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The Robertson Family said...

Oh my goodness. That kid is freakin' adorable! I love the pictures! Well done, like always! YOu look great still-Seriously? Not right!