05 June 2009

Hawaii Day 3

Our Aniversary! We enjoyed our 2 year anniversary doing some pretty exciting things!

Tuesday was a little bit more relaxed. Mostly because I was exhausted and we didn't have really good plans so we just drove around a lot.

It started with a scenic drive up Tantus Mountain. I started to drive because all the turns and ups and downs on the road was making me sick. I then drove for most of the rest of the trip. I think it works out for the better. Matt could see all the sights while driving and I was able to keep my food down.

While at the top of the mountain we enjoyed Chicken Alfredo on our camping stove. This might have been my favorite meal and it was made by Matt!

After lunch we enjoyed a short hike. It was pretty warm and I was getting tired. We did make time for a few photos!

We then headed to Punch Bowl, we didn't take any pictures but it was a memorial site. We enjoyed it for some water and a bathroom break.

Matt had been dying to drive on the H3 which takes you to the other side of the island. He read somewhere that it cost $100 Million a mile, we figured it must be a site to see. It was beautiful but a little scary to drive through this LONG tunnel that went straight through a mountain.

We knew we wanted to go Kayaking so we checked that out in Kailua. Once again we were hungry so we headed to Bob's Pizza. It was so yummy and pretty inexpensive! There was also a snow cone place so we made sure to head over and get some yummy treats!

We started to head back to our hotel and stopped at one of the many look out points along the highway. There we saw these crazy guys kiteflying off a cliff. It looked pretty scary to me and very hard to steer that huge thing around!

That night I really wanted to get some good food because most of our dinners turned out to be pretty disappointing so far. We had this restaurant all picked out and headed out. We had a hard tiem finding it then it was closed! So then we tried to drive around and find a place we thought looked good but had no luck. We ended up trying this Mexican cart that was right next to a fish tacos place so we would both be happy. My food was not that great but Matt loved his! So this is what our anniversary dinner looked like.


The Robertson Family said...

You look so great Christi! I'm glad you guys got to go to Hawii before the baby arrives. Alone time on the beach with belly entertainment. What more do you need??

The Pritchard Party said...

How fun that you two got to spend your anniversary in Hawaii... even though the dinner wasn't that great.

The H3 IS pretty.... we've been there and it was soo beautiful to see!