30 June 2009

Trip to Oakland!

The weekend after Hawaii we headed up to Oakland to see the Premier of Disney Pixar's UP! It was fantastic, we really enjoyed the movie and the fun times we had the weekend. All the pictures are curtesy of Rachel. She is a fabulous photographer! Thanks Rachel!

These boys all went to BYU at the same time and hung out...from what I understand.
From left to right... Jake, Tom, Lee & Matt. The Heymans left just before the pictures so we are missing Chris. We always enjoy hanging out with our friends up there. It's nice they all live fairly close to each other so we could enjoy everyone's company! Funny thing about the group is 3 of the girls are pregnant. 2 of us are due on the same day and one is due 5 days before us! It's gonna be pretty fun if we continue to get together!

This picture is classic. Matt is always trying to plant a juicy kiss on me!

Right before the beach we had a barbecue and the boys enjoyed playing some ball, in the mud! It was pretty disgusting!

We went to the beach on Saturday because it was supposed to be in the 90's. It was quite warm out but the water was still ICY cold. It seriously hurt to stand in. The boys played a for a few minutes but mostly skim boarded and played games on the sand.

This is Jake and Rachel. They were so kind to invite us up there to see the movie and put us up in their apartment! We had so much fun you guys, everyone should come down here now!


Kelli said...

So fun. Are you recovered from all the traveling? I was exhausted just reading about it! Great pictures!

The Robertson Family said...

Love the kissing picture. Jeff's so not like that. I am so it makes me laugh even more. Too cute!