27 July 2010

Memorial Weekend

Our cousin picture attempt, Logan was not enjoying life until we pulled the camera then Westin was the one who hated life. Luckily Grace girl is so good!

We headed to the heat for Memorial Day. We spent time with family and friends and really enjoyed it. The drive there was kind of a nightmare, luckily Grandma Bair was with us and helped out with Westin.

We got the cousins together and they enjoyed each other except when Westin made any sort of noise. Logan would cry and cry and cry. He missed his Mom we think. 

This made him enjoy snuggling though and that does not happen with Logan.

Great Grandpa came to visit and brought a toy. We didn't get a picture of it but Westin loved Great Grandmas earrings. He would grab her chin and turn it just to get closer to the earrings.

I think they all have the same eyes. 

The boys play so well together, its going to be so fun when they grow up!

Westin loved taking a dip in the warm pool. I think it was his first time going under the water. 

Notice the guys and notice the rocks. Within 2 minutes of them swimming they had this game going and who knows what it was?


diana said...

I miss hanging out with you guys and your family... tell Grace hi from Marley.

mrs t said...

Grandpa even matched the boys in their picture together