19 July 2010

Fathers and Sons

May 21, 2010 Matt and Westin went to the Fathers and Sons camp out. They didn't even go out of the Huntington Beach City boundaries. I wanted them to stay the night but Matt wasn't going for it. I guess it would have been for the better. 

Westin was the official dog watcher. I didn't find this out until later but Mitzi pulled Westin so hard the stroller tipped over (or as Matt just said or it gently fell over and Jordan caught it). 

I'm not exactly sure the story behind this but all I know is Westin loves sippy cups and that one is not his.

one last picture just for fun since there wasn't one of the Father and the Son together.


Matt and Kay Jones said...

Those two look so cute! Westin can drink from Max' sippy any time!

mrs t said...

What is Mitzi trying to eat?