27 July 2010

Yamnik's Come to Visit

Matts friend from High School, Patrick and his wife Maryanne came to visit us. Well, not just us they had a whole long list of people they were stopping to see. We were some of the lucky ones and we live close to Disneyland.

Westin loved hanging out with Maryanne. She was always doing and saying something fun.

Random Small world picture from line.

Westin really enjoyed the rides but especially liked "It's A Small World"

We really enjoyed our company and invite anyone else to come and stay!


Leslie Barnum said...

Oh I'm jealous we haven't seen Pat and MaryAnne for years!

thesvancaras said...

ehh emm.. you have room for some Svancaras? We want to go to Disneyland with your butts!

Marianne said...

What a fun time we had visiting you guys...I wish we lived closer...it was so easy to chat for hours! Thanks again and if you are ever out Kansas way....you know where to stay!