06 July 2010

A Busy Day

Back in May we had plans for the entire day. First thing in the morning we went for a service project put on by the church. We were pulling ENORMOUS weeds and spreading mulch everywhere. The end result was very nice looking but it was far from during it.

To relax from all the grueling work we did we headed to the beach. Nothing special happened and no pictures to show for it.

Next up was a birthday party. A boy in our ward was turning 12 and had a train party. He invited Westin to join (and Matt). We got to ride on these fun trains through fields. They were perfect for Westin, he never protested so I think he enjoyed himself.

While at the party, Westin became friends with a cousin of the birthday boy. This kid LOVED Westin and entertained him for a good half hour. Since this time we have seen him a few times randomly and he always remembers us.

Westin is deciding if he should put the rocks in his mouth. The process usually only takes seconds and the it always ends up with the same answer. Yes.

Later that night we had Stake Softball and I was very excited they had a girls game. Matt played his game then off to mine we went. Westin stayed up way to late and I ended up pulling some muscle but it was totally worth it. I love to hit the ball!

Early in the afternoon I realized Westin had a sunburn. A really really bad sunburn. It was from the morning service project. I had planned on him being in the stroller the entire time but he ended up being put in a back pack carrier and got fried. I felt like mother of the year for that one.

Many of our weekends have looked like this since summer began and that is the reason I have been so far behind on my blogging.

May 8, 2010


This&That said...

Oh he's a cutie! YAY for softball. His poor arm. We've all been there!

thesvancaras said...

oh my heck! That looks like paint!