16 July 2010


Matt's cousin Jordan and his wife Larissa came to visit. They were here for a week and we did a lot of beach time and eating time.

Westin was sure to show off his tricks. He loves balls. Any ball. He plays catch with you and its so great. When he first started to crawl he would put the ball in his mouth then crawl around with it. What a goof!

I'm not a huge fan of this picture but its fun I guess. We went to out for lunch to a sea food place. It was down in Newport and I don't remember the name. It was fancy but I didn't like it. Oh well, we enjoyed the company though.

Westin always makes a sour face when he eats lemons but he goes back for more.

Why he won't look at the camera I'm not sure but Westin and I only have a few pictures together and most of those are from the hospital.

After lunch we enjoyed a walk around Balboa cove. We all had balboa bars and we people watched from the pier for a while.

Jordan and Westin were buds. I think Jordan is covering up a sunburn on his arm.

We also had a bon fire complete with s'mores and braut worst. 

Westin loved looking at the fire. Luckily he wasn't interested in jumping in.

I just love pictures of me after a day at the beach. Frizzy hair is awesome!

So handsome. Seriously.

May 15 2010

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mrs t said...

I don't know why but I love the picture of Westin in the stroller.